Our Commitment to You

Land & Water Estates Ltd is committed to the following path:

  • THE ABILITY to maintain economic, environmental and social status at an acceptable rate and level
  • BY AVOIDING the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance
  • BY ENDORSING┬áthe expectations of future generations

Land & Water Estates Ltd is dedicated to upholding the following standards:

  • ECONOMIC (profits): Long-term economic growth without impacting the social, environmental and cultural aspects of the community
  • ENVIRONMENTAL (planet): The rate of renewable and non-renewable resource depletion that can be continued independently
  • SOCIAL (people): The process that promotes well being within a community while supporting the ability of future generations to maintain their own healthy community.

How will Land & water Estates Ltd achieve these standards?

  • ECONOMIC: By proficient estate management with tangible evidence of economic health without distress to the surrounding community
  • ENVIRONMENTAL: Once completed and commissioned, each marina brings long-term, natural added value to the surrounding environment with the encouragement of new species of flora and fauna which benefit from the built natural surroundings
  • SOCIAL: By improving the well being of boaters and the local community by freeing canals of boating traffic, providing new amenities and facilities, offering a secure environment for the boating community with commitment to maintaining acceptable environmental health through proper waste management